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Getting Your Affiliate Marketing Statistics Right

Affiliate marketing statistics can help online marketers to look further in their business to see what is viable, and what is not doing any good for them. Through this, they become aware of the effective ways to increase their revenues and to modify the ways and means that are not beneficial to them.

Online marketers may keep track of their products or the traffic generated to their websites but they may not be aware of the profit they make or the money they lose all the time. The daily marketing activities in an online site, with summary of all the data, is where affiliate marketing statistics can be obtained from. It commonly takes account of website traffic, conversion rates and sales, number of online visitors, rankings, and even clicks made into your site. If you are skilled enough to analyze the statistics derived from online marketing statistics you will be able to identify which area needs improvement. For instance, narrowing the keyword used to target the right clients needs to be changed because the previous keyword was not as effective as it should be. It can help increase potential sales and increase the income to be generated. This will help you improve in areas which are not efficient, or give clients more information about your product to convince them further in order to reach your goal, which is to make that sale. Through the information that has been uncovered with affiliate marketing statistics, it can give you a clear picture on how your online business is doing, so you’ll know what is working right for you and what is detrimental to your business.

Affiliate marketing statistics is a great tool in tracking how an online business is doing. It gives marketers a glimpse on how their businesses are keeping up with the trend and the competition at hand. It keeps them informed and makes them aware as to which areas need improvement in order for them to reach their full potential.

Article Marketing – My Insider Secrets To Getting Explosive Traffic From Articles

You do get a lot of traffic initially when your article is posted on directories, but the key to long-term traffic is to use the right keywords in your articles.

The visitor rate per article won’t be as hot after a while, but with 500 articles or a few thousand articles, it won’t be a big deal because some of your articles will get traffic from the search engines, and also from the search bar in the article directory itself, if you’ve done some good keyword optimization in your title, article keywords, description and actual article content.

You do want to get out as many articles as you initially, then once your traffic has become stable, add in articles occasionally.

You can also submit your articles to other article directories. If you haven’t used article submission services before, you can add that to the mix. That’s one more way of leveraging your articles.

You can also use your articles as press releases, and even for classified ads. I haven’t seen many people post articles on classified ads. Your article will stand out as a powerful advertorial amongst the sea of hard-selling ads.

Personally I prefer writing the articles myself, it can be hard to find a writer whose writing style matches the brand of your business. You can, however, find some good writers on sites like Elance and Get A Freelancer. Simply hire a good one to do your projects for the long-term if you are not interested in writing them.

Those are just some tips for getting leads and sales from articles. Do keep them in your mind as you go about your daily marketing activities. Quantity and quality equals power. There is no black or white.

What Is Marketing On Facebook? A Quick Overview of Marketing With Fan Pages for Small Business

Facebook has are over 500 million users, and it is estimated that at least 50% of them – that’s 250 million people – login to their accounts on a daily basis. It is a no-brainer that your business should be on Facebook connecting with a targeted audience of users who want to buy your products and services.

Imagine what would happen to your business if you connected with only a tiny percentage of those millions of Facebook users? Think of what it could mean for your sales figures if you carved out even 1% of that daily market… that would be 5 million people. Now, that’s a lot of people.

Developing Marketing Campaigns

A number of years ago, there wasn’t a realistic process available to sell your products and services on Facebook. But, all of that has changed. You can now launch your products and services quickly and easily, allowing your offerings to go viral in record time, just by putting up and promoting a fan page.

Definition of Marketing with Facebook Pages

Fan pages are exactly what they sound like – pages that are designed around a specific topic that you’re a fan of or are niche marketing in. Using some of the new services, Facebook can become your advertising medium of choice, and a boon for small businesses with limited budgets. You can build a business fan page by hand if you have some web design experience.

Some tips to remember:

1. Header should be 518px x 100px

2. Aweber blends in real nice for your opt-in box which is an autoresponder that allows you to stay in touch with your subscribers over the long-term.

3. It’s easier to use a third-party vendor like Photobucket to store your pictures than on Facebook.

4. YouTube videos work really well. Make a video using Animoto which is free and easy to use.

What Facebook Marketing Is

The definition of Facebook marketing is to find people interested in your product and convert them into customers. With the viral nature of this medium, employing fan pages makes it easy to combine it with inexpensive advertising on Facebook to quickly grow a list of loyal customers.

Marketing on Facebook Automatically

If you want to go automatic consider two places, – one is called Fan Page engine which has templates and a point-click interface, and a a new service that’s just launched called FB Launchpad has brought cutting-edge technology to building Facebook fan pages. With this new service you can build a page that puts hidden “like” content, sliding tabs that are animated which you won’t see in any other fan page template engine.