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Internet Marketing: The Golden Key to Success is in Your Hands, But You Ignore It!

Success is the Blue Bird everybody is chasing, struggling to catch, but only a few people have been able to grab it!

Most probably, you have been one of the hard chasers,
extremely busy writing ad copies, articles, press releases, sending them to media outlets and popular publications, striving night and day to promote your business using the most powerful Internet marketing strategies.
You have subscribed to hundreds of safe mailing lists, ezines, newsletters, sent your ads and articles to them regularly, spending your valuable hours and days. But the response was disappointing.

Then you tried to hire advertising agencies to make the
effective e-mail advertising for you. You paid them a lot
of money.

Finally you made a number of sales. But the results were
far from being satisfying. The money you made did not
even cover the expenses.

Then you wrote articles, you hired copywriters to write
more articles and press releases for you and you sent
them out to thousands of media outlets and thousands
of popular publications. To your surprise, the profits you
earned were not enough to pay the bills. You wonder why!

You have launched several weblogs (blogs), now you’re working hard to place fresh content in your blogs everyday or every other day, while submitting your blogs, comments, content to other blogs, which take a great deal of time, but you have not received one single visitor to your blogs yet. You don’t know why!

You have purchased an aggregator to read the RSS feeds
you were receiving, you also bought a software to turn
your articles and press releases into XML and RSS formats before sending them to RSS feed providers and distributors, e-zines, newsletters, news portals, blogs/journals, media outlets and relevant publications.

So, you’re spending a lot of money, time and efforts,
struggling like mad to market your business, website, blogs using the most powerful Internet marketing strategies, hoping to make your business a success to earn you a comfortable living.

After so much struggle, tears and sweat, are you happy and satisfied with the results you are getting now? No, most probably you are not!

How do I know? I know, because I had been there, too, until I discovered what was missing. Then I also discovered what the solution was. There is one thing you must do; there is one thing you and I and everybody must do to earn more money. Do it now, do it everyday until the end of your life:


You are extremely busy submitting your ads, your articles,
your press releases night and day, but you do not read
other submissions.

You might say you do read some ads and articles when
you find time to read. But I’m sure you find time to read
only once in a while, because you’re too busy writing ads,
articles, press releases and submitting them to millions
of places every day. You are an extremely busy marketer.

All other marketers and business owners are too busy to
spare time to read. So, eventually you don’t read other
marketer’s articles and ads, and they don’t read yours. Or,
you all read only once in a while, which is obviously not
enough to produce the positive results to make you happy.

Then what’s the use to work so hard to write articles, press releases, ads, RSS feeds and more, and struggle so hard to post them to millions of portals, websites, media and publications, if nobody or only a few people would read them?

It’s a great waste of time, efforts and money! Of course, there are businesses and individuals who earn truck loads of money, but it’s only a small percentage in a crowd of millions of income seekers.

I am sure that the number of big money makers will grow fast when we learn how to play the game abiding by its rules.

We must admit that we need a great number of audience to read our ads, articles and other content in order to receive the great response we expect.

The great number of audience we need to earn more money is composed of you and I and other online business owners and opportunity seekers.

We can earn more money when our ads and content are read by more people who are our potential customers.

So, you and I and all others must read as much articles, ads, press releases, RSS feeds as we can. There is a simple solution for all income seekers to earn more money, which is a one small magic word.


Don’t just write and submit, but read, too.

Read and encourage your friends, members, affiliates,
associates, customers, potential customers to read!

If you and all other millions of marketers and income seekers spare one our a day to promote their businesses, they must spare another hour to read. Reading must be considered as the important part of Internet marketing.

If we all build a reading habit, if we all include serious reading in our daily marketing program, if we all perceive reading as an important part of marketing, we all could be sure that our ads articles, RSS feeds and other promotions will be read by thousands of more potential customers daily, which will substantially increase the number of our sales, revenues, profits, and ROI (return on investment).

We learn the most powerful Internet marketing tactics and secrets by reading. We find out about new opportunities, new technology, new powerful ways in effective Internet marketing, The benefits we get from reading articles written by other entrepreneurs are unlimited.

Reading is the golden key to success which shouldn’t be
ignored. Never!

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Duties and Responsibilities of an Affiliate Marketing Manager

There are a lot of expectations when it comes to managing a business and those entire burdens are turned to the affiliate marketing manager. Before proceeding to the duties and responsibilities of an affiliate marketing manager, what are the abilities and skills one should have to qualify in that position?

An affiliate marketing manager must be:

o Creative, detail oriented and organized

o Flexible to be able to work with projects that can be diverse

o Positive, enthusiastic, posses the ability to work in fast-paced environment that requires deadlines and must have a certain level of professionalism.

o A team player who can work well in a multitasking office where overtime is in demand and traveling is compulsory.

o Able to communicate well in all aspects of life to maintain and build fruitful relationships.

o Proficient in using the commands and programs like Microsoft Office Applications in the computer. Also a genius when it comes to navigating through the internet.

Down to the responsibilities. To make it short and precise, an affiliate marketing manager is someone who:

1. Support sales of the affiliates with initiatives regarding marketing and promoting to achieve the entire distribution goals.

2. Develop marketing campaigns that can make quite an impact and attain innovation of promotions and campaigns about promotion to establish his company as the leader in the affiliate marketing industry.

3. Optimize and manage every aspect of a program in affiliate marketing. This will include application for incentives, recruitment, daily program management and recommending.

4. Handle all levels of communication with affiliates, answer phone conversation and e-mails that will tackle in the area of answer different kinds of questions about the product, and terms of negotiation.

5. Manage and develop partnership promotional and marketing programs that are designed to build an overwhelming amount of sales and traffic.

Moving on, aside from the numerous responsibilities, here are some of the general duties of an affiliate marketing manager:

1. He has to work smoothly with the people around him, especially the marketing director, in order to implement and develop promotions and campaigns for marketing that will help promote the entire company’s dignity and the affiliate’s goals as well.

2. Manage daily marketing on the execution and development of the project that would include creative developments and all implementation courses; ensure the compliance of strategies and standards of the product; oversee outside agencies and vendors.

3. Coordinate different kinds of projects with several departments internally including on-air promotions, creative services, consumer, online, and advertising sales marketing. While doing so, foster positive and happy working relationships through constant communication in all departments.

4. Executes basic marketing projects like writing briefs, developing timelines, collect traffic tapes and artwork, manage necessary approval.

5. Contribute to the development of sales in materials. This will include collateral materials, sales decks, etc.

6. Fill in, prioritize and fulfill daily tasks and request from the entire sales team.

7. Perform other duties that are required and as directed.

All these duties and responsibilities may come out very exhausting but if you have the true spirit of an affiliate marketing manager, it will come out naturally. A manager is someone who performs tasks and duties that will contribute to the fullest emergence of his or her company.

Getting Into A Perfect Rhythm – How To Maximize Network Marketing Times

Network marketing cane be a very daunting experience. The combination of trying to build up your network and to cultivate your network can be a stressful combination. You have to do a reasonably good job on both of these so that your business won’t fail. The key to it all is the time to you put into it. Like the old saying goes, time is money and it has never been more true when it comes to network marketing. Here are a few tips so that you can get the most out of your time.

1) Set aside a specific set of time for your marketing

One of the key things in making sure you’ve got time for your marketing duties. You can’t just suddenly turn on a switch and say you’re network marketing. It’s like a job you have from nine to five; a regular schedule will help you get into a rhythm and makes it into a habit. Making your marketing an ingrained habit makes it easier for you to go into the marketing mindset and helps you become more comfortable with the idea of selling your stuff. Another thing to remember is that you don’t just pop in thirty minutes and call it a day. No, this business takes dedication and a large time investment. You can’t expect to sell anything or have a meaningful conversation in that little a time. Give your daily network marketing time minimum of two to three hours. This gives you enough time to do several things and expect to get them done.

2) Plan ahead

Now that you’ve got a daily marketing time, you’ve got to make the most out of it by making a schedule of what you’re going to use it for. Spreading your network by making contacts and generating leads is one of the best uses of your time so that should be your focus. You can also cultivate your current network by offering them more products or inquiring if there is any need for current products.

3) Use network marketing tools properly

Network marketing tools can help save a lot of time that would best be spent in developing your network. Actually, some of these tools can help build your network. A website where interested parties can go to see your pitch can attract customers and potential leads while you’re not even working on it E-mail letters and brochures also provide simple ways of automated lead generation. The time you spend answering inquiries is a better way to spend time than calling up people and arranging meetings, this is because the interest is already there and the potential for a sale or an additional line in your network is greater than with those that you just contact randomly. This helps you get a better use out of your network marketing time.

These three tips should start you off on how to use your network marketing times properly. There are a dozen ways to make the best use of your time, just use a little ingenuity and you’ll find them out yourself.

Want to maximize your time network marketing?