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How To Achieve Article Marketing Success

Article marketing success is possibility for everyone, without any exception. The entire success someone experiences or not, is mainly a question of the strategy itself. This article will reveal a few tips to let this success happen to you and your business. It doesn’t matter how much success or failure you’ve experienced before, because the right moment to change something is always now.

Choose your direction:

The first decision a person has to make when it comes to experiencing article marketing success is to define his or her direction. There is no way you are going to succeed with a method or niche you are not passionate about. It doesn’t matter what you touch, but it has to bring influence, power, happiness, and focus to your daily marketing. If you write article after article with no real purpose, no real sense of what you are doing, you will probably fail. What you need to do is to pick a particular subject that you are naturally good at. It might be sport, business, fishing, travelling or whatever. No matter what it is, just pick it and go for it. Once the direction and niche is well defined you can move to the second step.

Build your website:

Building a website will make fun and brings success by going with the flow. The decision to build a website must arise with positive attitude, and action. Your blog, page, or website should be build because of the sake of direction, and not the sake of must. Most failures on the internet happen because of lack of direction or lack of purpose. Only by being present when writing articles for your website or article directories you actually can provide the value others seek. If your niche should be health you want to consider providing content about nutrition, sports, and relationship development. Just choose the topics you think you can write the best content on.

Write articles for article directories:

One of the best approaches that are been offered to you when it comes to driving traffic is using article marketing. Submitting a single article to a popular article directory will help to drive traffic and build relationships with your readers.

Your article must be well written, SEO optimized, converting, providing value, getting to the point, grabbing the attention of the readers and calling others to act. It is not difficult to bring all those points into one single article if the topic you write about is GREAT.

Article marketing success is a question of applying these 3 strategies for your own niche.

Hiring a Marketing Consultant Could Save Your Business

When your small business sales drop you have to take immediate action. If you let things get worse, you may find yourself laying off employees, reducing hours, and cutting corners just to survive. But always remember (and tell yourself), “Failure is not an option!”

Here’s why conventional “cost cutters” are a last resort…

When you reduce your staff, cut back hours, or skim on the quality of your products and services, you lose the ability to generate more sales and develop leads effectively. When you combine less manpower with reduced product quality, your phones will turn ice cold. Reducing staff or product quality should always be a last resort.

Instead, put together an advertising budget that doesn’t break the bank – it doesn’t have to be huge. Hire a marketing consultant who specializes in short-term cash flow strategies. By taking care of your short-term cash problems, you will be able to pay bills and set aside a small amount to be reinvested into marketing.

The main idea is to never stop advertising. Leads often take one to two weeks to develop, qualify, and convert into paying customers. That’s why it’s important to always keep your sales funnel full of leads. You will lose sleep and your business will suffer if you don’t have full confidence in your ability to close sales every day. That’s the truth.

What can a Marketing Consultant do for you?

  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide a fresh outsider’s perspective
  • Effectively organize and leverage your data
  • Drive sales through your existing customer database
  • Implement simple and highly effective daily marketing activities
  • Generate programs to capture lead information for follow-up
  • Perform competitive analyses between you and industry competition
  • Recommend process improvements and improve quality of services
  • Enhance your web presence with powerful copywriting that converts
  • Split test various advertising methodologies to find cost savings
  • Train sales reps and staff on how to better manage every lead…and much, much more

Invest in your business by hiring an experienced marketing consultant before things get out of hand. Your success will be the highest priority to the marketing consultant as it directly affects their ability to stay on your payroll moving forward. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that you can use to your advantage.

Extreme Sampling – Process Testing in Promotional Marketing

“Dad. I think I just flushed my underwear down the toilet.”

I just sat there … looking at my nine-year old son, searching for words that seemed stuck in a mental quagmire of wonder and disbelief.

Finally, as nonchalantly as I could, I asked, “So … how did that happen?”

“Well, when I sat on my pen it broke and got ink on my underwear. So I thought if I put some soap in the toilet and flushed it … the turbo action would be just like the washing machine and get the ink out. I forgot the toilet like, eats everything you put in it.”

Wouldn’t it be great to be nine again? We could just test out … no wait, implement any idea that came to our mind knowing we were backed by the full faith and credit of mom and dad. But, in the world you and I live in, a creative or logistical faux pas costs real money and carries real consequences.

I used to believe Extreme Sampling involved two steps.
1) Product Testing.
2) Instruction Scrutiny.

I was wrong.

My son’s exercise in creative thinking caused me to re-think my position and now I believe there are three steps to Extreme Sampling. Step 3 is, “Process Testing”. Process Testing is where you focus on logistics, distribution and final outcomes. In short, you conduct a trial run to the best of your ability to prevent, “Flushing your underwear down the toilet.”

Case in point. I recently sent a client some waterless tattoo samples. The client tested them and found that they worked perfectly. They ordered 50k. Unfortunately, they did not test them through the bindery equipment on which the tattoos would be affixed to a card. Turns out the tattoos were too thin for the machinery to pick up and place properly. This could have been remedied by using a thicker stock … had we known. Instead, they’re affixing them by hand, which costs more. (Insert flush sound here).

Forcing yourself to test the process will help you think it through and avoid problems. For instance, that umbrella you want to give everyone at the conference. You’ve tested the product and scrutinized the instructions. Now let’s test the process. The conference is in a city to which most people will fly. Grab your suitcase. Will that 4 foot umbrella fit?

Daily, marketers fail to test the process and find out too late that the product, premium or incentive … won’t fit in the bag, the box, the envelope or the suitcase. Or they find out at the worst possible moment, that leaving the chocolate parting-gift in the van, in the sun, all day … was a no-no.

Here’s a few things to think about regarding step #3 of Extreme Sampling:

Carton Weight: Having UPS deliver five 40 pound cartons to your office is one thing. But can the person in your office who is in charge of getting those cartons to the event – lift 40 pound boxes? We often under-pack cartons for our clients based on how much weight THEY want to lift.

Effects of Heat/Cold: Can it melt or freeze? Do you need to keep something cool or warm at the event prior to distribution? And for how long? Our chocolate vendor ships with ice packs to prevent melting in transit. But if the chocolate is not stored correctly once you get it, well, you’re flushing your underwear down the toilet. Will those snow globes freeze and break? Will the deodorant in the personal care packs liquefy in the heat?

Time/Timing: Your logo glowing at a night event on a t-shirt, tattoo or hat will look really cool. But, if you’re placing your bets on a solar-powered, glow-in-the-dark item, make sure your event has daylight hours built in so the product has a time to charge up.

Fulfillment: If you are going to have a fulfillment center do anything with a product …make sure you give them samples to test before you place an order.

Rules & Regulations: If you’re distributing your item at a conference, will the item be accepted by the airlines in checked or carry on luggage? If you’re mailing your item, does it conform to postal or other delivery rules and regs? Some stadiums have rules banning noise makers. Some fairgrounds have rules banning balloons. Contrary to the creative thought process, when you stand to loose money or worse, your job – it’s better to ask for permission than to beg for forgiveness.

I’d share more but I just spotted Junior headed out back with a lawn chair, balloons and my helium tank. I’m sure the word ‘”tether” isn’t something he’s thought of … yet.